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Eleanor Marx b. 16 January, 1855

"Above all, the feeling of class consciousness and the understanding of the class struggle have grown beyond all expectation, and with them the knowledge of the solidarity of labour all the world over. Each nation has, and must have, its own special means and methods of work. But whatever those means and methods, the end is one all the world over — the emancipation of the working class, the abolition of all class rule.

Long live the International Solidarity of the Working Class Movement!" - from Report from Great Britain and Ireland to the Delegates of the Brussels International Congress, 1891.

Eleanor Marx, one of the daughters of Karl Marx and Jenny von Westphalen was born January 16, 1855.

Eleanor developed an early interest in politics and at age 16 became her father's secretary and travelled with him to various socialist meetings and conferences.

She went on to be a socialist activist, translator and writer, was involved in a number of early socialist organizations and parties, wrote of the plight and difficulties of women workers, was involved in labour organizing and attended and reported on a number of international socialist conferences.

You can find an archive of her work at: Eleanor Marx (

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