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Farmers and students mobilize in protests across Greece

All images via video screenshots or the KKE

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) reports that farmers and students have been mobilizing in protests in the country.

Poor farmers in the region of Thessaly and across the country are escalating their struggle by setting up roadblocks on main roads. At the heart of their demands is that the state should replace their lost income due to reduced production caused by adverse weather conditions and diseases, but also due to the large cuts set out in the common agricultural policy (CAP). They also demand a reduction in production costs, protection against natural disasters, minimum guaranteed prices for their products that will correspond to the cost of production, while ensuring a subsistence income and affordable prices for basic consumer goods.

The New Democracy government spectacularly failed to prevent the setting up of roadblocks on the national roads, especially in Thessaly, which is the epicentre of the farmers’ movement, despite all the violent attacks by the police and riot police, the firing of tear gas and stun grenades, and the arrests of agricultural trade unionists. “We will not be deterred by repression”, the farmers declared, expressing their determination to continue and escalate their struggle for their survival.

Meanwhile, on the same day "thousands of university and school students flooded the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Ioannina and other major cities of the country, rejecting the bill put forward by the New Democracy government for the establishment of private universities and demanding a substantial improvement of their studies. Student unions across the country have made it clear that they will continue and further escalate their multi-faceted mobilizations."

Palestinian flags could be seen in the rallies as the students also expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people.



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