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Freedom from War Coalition to march for Gaza in Duncan, BC, November 25

Freedom from War Coalition Palestine Solidarity march in Duncan, BC, November 18, 2023 -- image via the Coalition

The good folks of the Freedom from War Coalition are again holding a march in Duncan this Saturday November 25th 2023 at 1 pm in Charles Hoey V.C. Memorial Park in Downtown Duncan, BC. Our march last Saturday was a splendid display of International Solidarity and the people of Duncan have clearly been paying attention.

All are welcome! Please bring signs and flags and other inspirational regalia. Please join us for a safe and significant occasion.

We, the Freedom From War Coalition, stand with the Palestinian people, whether they are in Gaza, the West Bank, or elsewhere in the world, in their struggle for freedom, justice, peace and equality.

We also stand with brave citizens of nations around the world who, despite threats and intimidation by their governments, have rallied in the past month to show their support for those in Gaza who are facing bombardment, blockade, brutality, forced relocation, denial of their human rights, denial of their basic needs and dehumanisation in the press and by Western political leaders.

Side by side with people of good will all over our planet, we will strive with all our energy to seek a ceasefire immediately and an end to the occupation of Palestine.

For more info please contact:

Roger 250-510-9460

Brad Langerud 250-668-0591

Eden Haythornthwaite 250-709-7975

Non Emergency Police Line 250-748-5522

Our Facebook page can be found at 'Freedom from War Coalition'.



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