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Greek Communists block US tank train in protest

On Saturday March 23, 2024, members of the KKE and KNE (Communist Youth of Greece) blocked a train carrying US tanks from the port of Alexandroupolis to Bulgaria, strengthening the struggle for the disengagement of our country from the wars of the USA–NATO–EU.

Members of the KKE and KNE stood in front of the train, holding banners and flags, and forced it to stop. They demanded that it turn around and that the US–NATO murderers leave Alexandroupolis and the whole region. The demonstration was successful, as the war machine was forced to retreat. The train with the US tanks was turned back.

Stavros Bazas, member of the Regional Organization of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace of the KKE, stressed in his message, among other things: “The deeper involvement of our country in the imperialist wars of the USA–NATO–EU, under the responsibility of the government and the agreement of SYRIZA, PASOK and Greek Solution, as well as the transformation of the regional unit and the wider region into a US–NATO bridgehead and a base for the transport of dangerous war material to be used in the war with Russia on the territory of Ukraine, are for the benefit of the interests of the bourgeoisie of our country, in order for the business groups to get a bigger slice of the pie. They do not bring security to the people of the region, on the contrary, they turn our country into a perpetrator against other peoples and its people into victims of rival camps and targets of retaliation.”



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