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Haiti Betrayed: The Freedom from War Coalition presents a free screening of the documentary feature

The Freedom from War Coalition presents a free screening of the documentary feature Haiti Betrayed at the United Church 246 Ingram in downtown Duncan, BC 7:00 pm Saturday April 29th 2023. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Award-winning Nanaimo-based filmmaker and photojournalist Elaine Brière will present her recent film, Haiti Betrayed, chronicling the role of Canada in the 2004 coup d’état in Haiti which brought an end to a decade of democracy and progressive reforms in that country.

The film highlights a countrywide people's movement for a more just and equitable society and serves as a searing indictment of Canadian government complicity in the internal affairs of this long-suffering nation. In 2004, Canada, in contravention of international law, allied with the US and France, to remove the democratically elected government of Haiti.

Canada, along with the US and France, for the last two decades, have imposed manipulated elections on Haiti which have ushered in a series of corrupt governments - bankrupting the country and using armed gangs as a means of control. Currently Haitians are in the throes of an uprising against the unelected and unpopular Arial Henry regime being backed by the US and Canada. Haitians are demanding the right to choose their own leaders and build an authentic democracy based on social justice and the rule of law.

Brière’s film reveals how the seeds of the current crisis were sown in the coup d’état backed by Canada in 2004, part of a long history of foreign interference in Haiti.

We are fortunate to have Elaine and her partner David there for the evening to respond to questions after the film. Everyone is welcome.

Find more information about Elaine Briére and Haiti Betrayed at

Brad (Freedom from War Coalition):

Eden (Freedom from War Coalition): or 250-709-7975



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