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Happy 110th Anniversary to the Communist Party of Chile

The Communist Party of Chile (Partido Comunista de Chile, PCCh) was founded on June 4, 1912 as the Socialist Workers' Party.

We salute the party and its 110 years of struggle for socialism and democracy.

As the Communist Party of Australia said in its revolutionary greetings to mark the occasion:

"The history of the communist party of Chile is rich and has faced many challenges and the

repression of the capitalist state.

The communist leadership throughout the existence of the Party has been able to lead the

party through the most difficult circumstances of military and fascist governments.

The struggle for socialism has cost many lives of Chilean men and women who never gave up

nor ceded the right to self determination and a socialist future.

We pay tribute to all those who heroically fought and died on the revolutionary path to

democracy, independence and a united Latin America."

Socialism is the future. In Chile and everywhere.



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