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"Ho Chi Minh will always be remembered"

Statements from the United States and Mexico in honour of his birth.

Today is the 130th anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary and freedom fighter Ho Chi Minh.

In honour of this the Communist Parties of the United States and Mexico released statements which are excerpted from here.

Ho Chi Minh was one of history’s greatest revolutionary theorists and activists. From the end of WWI to his death in 1969 as leader of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, he fought to liberate the Vietnamese people from French colonialism, Japanese imperialism, and U.S. imperialism. Victory was snatched from the hands of the Vietnamese people twice. Once after 1945, when French colonialist returned following the defeat of the Japanese imperialists and again in 1954 when U.S. imperialists replaced the French and established a neo colonial regime in the South. Ho Chi Minh never wavered in his commitment to achieve final victory in the peoples’ war for national liberation and socialism.

Ho Chi Minh’s great achievements were not just limited to the heroic struggle against colonialism and imperialism. He was also a great builder of socialism in his home country. Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam worked and continue to work to build a better life for the people of Vietnam in a land that had been ravaged for generations by colonialists and imperialists...

...Ho Chi Minh will always be remembered for the way he combined his lifelong commitment to the struggles for national liberation with working class internationalism.

The Communist Party knew how to organize the workers, all the oppressed nationalities, the peasantry, and to successfully advance to defeat politically and militarily, first French imperialism, and then through a true epic of resistance to defeat the military occupation of North American imperialism.

Ho Chi Minh was always guided by the following idea: To achieve success, the revolution must be led by the working class - the most advanced, conscious, resolute, disciplined and best organized class - with the Communist Party as its staff.

The contribution of Comrade Ho Chi Minh was essential to this struggle, and although his death in 1969 prevented him from seeing victory, he trusted in it, based on the historical optimism given by the proletarian worldview...

...We pay tribute to Ho Chi Minh, who with his life and work, dedicated to the cause of the working class in Vietnam, also gave his contribution to the general cause of the international working class in the historical transition from capitalism to socialism.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


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