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Imperialist forces driven from the Bay of Pigs, April 19, 1961

On April 19, 1961 the revolutionary forces of the Cuban people defeated the last of the counter-revolutionary, imperialist forces who, with the support of the United States government, had invaded the country at the Bay of Pigs mere days earlier.

In addition to those killed over 1,100 of the invading troops were captured. As Life Magazine noted the revolutionary government revealed "the wealth of the captured invaders: 100 plantation owners, 67 landlords of apartment houses, 35 factory owners, 112 businessmen, 179 lived off unearned income, and 194 ex-soldiers of Batista."

While the US government has tried unsuccessfully to defeat the Cuban Revolution through its economic blockade and other methods ever since, at the Bay of Pigs the Cuban people ensured the survival of their revolution and freedom.



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