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Indigo Square One bookstore in Mississauga unionizes: Press release

Image from press release.

UFCW Local 1006A would like to congratulate workers at the Indigo Square One bookstore in Mississauga on their campaign to win union representation. The retail workers were supported by authors, community leaders, and shoppers, who encouraged them through social media with their unionization effort.
“We are just trying to create a fairer workplace and better working conditions for everyone here at the store,” said Jennifer, an Indigo worker.
"The success we had today makes me hopeful – the employees at Indigo Square One have shown they are willing and ready to put in the effort needed to create a work environment where everyone is valued."
Workers at the popular bookstore drew support from authors Zoe Whittall and Naomi Klein. Community leaders Olivia Chow, Matthew Green, Libby Davies, Jamie West, and Jill Andrew also showed their solidarity and support on social media.
“The unity and determination of the Indigo workers inspired many Canadians,” says UFCW 1006A President Wayne Hanley.


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