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KKE condemns shameful desecration of Sofia monument to Red Army liberators

In a disgraceful affront to the memory of the Red Army soldiers who died to liberate Bulgaria from Nazism and fascism in World War II -- and despite vigorous protests in the streets by Bulgarians fiercely opposed to the move -- authorities in Sofia have begun to dismantle the Monument to the Soviet Army that was erected in 1954.

This follows a wave of other shameful attacks on Red Army monuments in other countries in Eastern Europe.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has issued a statement condemning this reactionary act:

The KKE denounces the unacceptable desecration and destruction of the anti-fascist monument in honour of the liberating Red Army in Sofia in the strongest possible terms.
The destruction of the monument, which was set up in 1954, ten years after the liberation of Bulgaria by the Red Army and the armed Bulgarian anti-fascist movement led by the communists, is another link in the chain of destruction of similar monuments in many European countries. It is a destruction carried out by anti-popular governments with the backing of the EU, which is leading the anti-communist campaign and the unhistorical equation of communism with fascism.
The unacceptable Russian invasion of Ukraine, in the context of the inter-imperialist conflict between capitalist Russia and the USA-NATO-EU, is being skillfully exploited, together with the unrealistic comparison of the USSR with today’s Russia, to tear down anti-fascist monuments in many countries in Europe, aiming to rewrite history and to erase the heroic contribution of the Red Army and the Soviet Union to the crushing of fascism, which is flesh of the flesh of the capitalist system and was defeated thanks to the enormous sacrifices of the first socialist state, the USSR and the armed partisan movements.
The KKE condemns these efforts and calls upon the peoples in Europe to react decisively against these objectives and practices.
The rewriting of history will fail!
Long live the enormous contribution of the Red Army to humanity!



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