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KKE holds anti-war protest on the Acropolis in Athens

On Thursday, May 12 militants of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) held an anti-war demonstration on the Acropolis in Athens under the slogan “No to war. No involvement. No to the bases of death.” Rallies were held in other cities as well.

They were called after the Greek government "voted in Parliament for the new despicable Greece-US agreement that provides for the expansion of the US-NATO military bases in Greece." This comes against the backdrop of the imperialist war in Ukraine.

The KKE has taken a position denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as being in opposition to NATO and western imperialism. They are strongly opposed to Greece being drawn into the conflict as well as NATO expansion and intervention.

Dimitris Koutsoumbas, the General Secretary of the KKE, "in his speech the same day in the Plenum of the Parliament, highlighted that the Greece-US Agreement on Military Bases is historically dangerous for the people, historically detrimental to the country's sovereign rights, and the responsibilities are historic for everyone that will vote in favour, but also for those who prepared it within the framework of the strategic dialogue with the USA inaugurated by SYRIZA and ending with the monstrosity agreement that the Prime Minister wants to bring to the meeting with the US president."

The KKE unites its forces with 40 Communist Parties and 30 Communist Youth Organizations all over the world that:
- Have condemned the imperialist war and stated that “The developments in Ukraine, which are taking place in the framework of monopoly capitalism, are linked to the US, NATO, and EU plans and their intervention in the region in the context of their fierce competition with capitalist Russia.”
- Have expressed their solidarity “with the communists and the peoples of Russia and Ukraine”, calling upon them to “strengthen the struggle against nationalism, which is fostered by each bourgeoisie. The peoples of both countries, who lived in peace and jointly thrived in the framework of the USSR, as well as all the other peoples have no interest in siding with one or another imperialist or alliance that serves the interests of the monopolies.”
- Have underscored that “The interest of the working class and the popular strata requires us to strengthen the class criterion for analyzing the developments, to chart our own independent path against monopolies and bourgeois classes, for the overthrow of capitalism, for the strengthening of the class struggle against imperialist war, for socialism, which remains as timely and necessary as ever.”

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