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Mass evictions loom: Red Daily newswire July 9

With news from the Black Lives Matter Movement, the US, Canada and elsewhere.

International left news from July 8

Black Lives Matter Movement:

Met carried out 22,000 searches on young black men during lockdown

Drivers Are Hitting Protesters as Memes of Car Attacks Spread

Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley Introduce BREATHE Act, Backed by Black Lives Matter

I was arrested, jailed and assaulted by a guard. My ‘crime’? Being a journalist in Trump’s America

Freedom Rider: The Police Defunding Con Game

Coalition calls to cut Montreal police budget in half, reallocate funds to community organizations

Instagram account ‘Stolen by Smith’ points to racism at Queen’s school of business

Somali community sees arrest of unarmed Black man as police ‘sending a message’

Singh says Rideau Hall incident would have ended differently if suspect was person of colour

2 men arrested and charged for alleged assault in east end park


NYT Acknowledges Coup in Bolivia—While Shirking Blame for Its Supporting Role


Tory and Ford's faux outrage at eviction protest is absurd

Loblaw workers in Newfoundland to hold strike vote

Police investigating video that shows man's racist, anti-mask tirade at Ontario grocery store

United States:

Your Boss Can Now Search Your Car

U.S. Confirms Record 60,000+ Coronavirus Cases as Trump Demands School Reopenings

Trump Health Secretary Says US Healthcare Workers 'Don't Get Infected' With Covid-19 (94,000 Have Contracted the Virus)

Teachers union president dares Trump to sit in classroom amid coronavirus 'and breathe that air'

Protesters Camp Out to Stop Eviction in Brooklyn

Around 20 million renters could face eviction by the end of September because of the pandemic —with the impact falling heavily on Black and Hispanic renters

GOP Has Unhinged Meltdown After Ilhan Omar Makes Simple Call to 'Dismantle All Systems of Oppression'

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