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Massive rally in Belarus to commemorate the Bolshevik Revolution

A massive rally Tuesday in the Belarusian capital marked the celebration of the 106th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, said the Cuban ambassador, Santiago Perez.

The Cuban diplomat told Prensa Latina that the act of remembrance was organized by the Communist Party of Belarus, and took place in Minsk's Independence Square.

In the keynote speech, Sergei Klichevich, a member of the Political Bureau of the party organization and head of the Belarus-Cuba parliamentary friendship group, compared the current situation with the time of the triumph of the October revolution.

He also said that, in the celebration of 1941 after the parade in Moscow's Red Square, the troops went straight to the front to confront the fascist troops that were besieging the capital of the then Soviet Union.

The occasion was also used to condemn hostile and sanctioning policies, such as the U.S. blockade against Cuba.



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