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National Post jackass laments not being able to get erections in strip clubs in Regina

Not homelessness, housing issues, poverty, racism, no...

The real "scandal" is that no one -- over the age of 5 -- could "take" an ill-fated tourism vagina "joke" about Regina and that -- apparently connected somehow -- there are no strip clubs there for the author to do whatever it is he wants to do in.

This is literally the premise of a ridiculous piece by Jesse Kline in the National Post that proves that in Canada any misogynist drip can publish the most outrageous rubbish in what purports to be a national news and opinion outlet of some repute. Interestingly, this was posted by him July 19 even though the vagina-Regina "scandal" to which he is referring happened quite some time ago now.

Guess he has been stewing over it.

How terrible. Nowhere to go in Regina to watch a woman take off her panties or give you a lap dance. Scandal indeed.

Can you imagine how impossibly stupid you would have to be to write such utter trash?

If you have any doubt that Kline is a dingbat he blames the fact that he can't watch any pole dancing in part on "socialist governments that prohibit private enterprise" because of course --even though the NDP (presumably the "socialists" he is referring to) has not been in power in Saskatchewan in 15 years.

What a total drag that this clown can't find a place in Regina to pay a woman to strip but not sure how this constitutes a "scandal" of any kind. Apparently this sad little man judges how exciting a town is by whether or not he can personally fund someone to give him an erection.

There is an irony that there is likely a whole section of liberals, social democrats and fake left misogynists who are not sure how to respond to this total prick as they know intuitively that he represents something vile and awful but they are invested in the idea that "sex work" -- including stripping in front of assholes like this -- is somehow "liberating" and OK.

Reality says otherwise.

There is no need to go into great length here because his incredibly ignorant and vile op-ed shows an utter contempt for women while trying to make some year one dumb libertarian "point" proving yet again that the charity case National Post founded and funded and kept alive for many years by convicted criminal Conrad Black has no place in any kind of discourse despite all the sniveling nepo babies who have written for it.



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