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"NATO is nothing but a terrorist organization" - TKP

From the November 16 statement of the Communist Party of Turkey opposing allowing Sweden to join NATO and NATO expansion in general:

NATO is nothing but a terrorist organization. From the beginning, it has brought peace neither for its members nor for the people of other countries. On the contrary, it terrorized and carried out massacres in the countries it targeted. It has intervened in the internal affairs of other countries, both by waging direct war and taking military initiatives, or by using counter-guerrilla tactics and tools such as assassinations and coups. They did not allow the workers to raise their voices and did not hesitate to make the bloodiest attempts.

The world needs to get rid of NATO immediately. The first step, for our country and other members, is to exit NATO. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey's Foreign Affairs Commission should put Turkey's exit from this bloody organization, not NATO's expansion, on its agenda. The Communist Party of Turkey has defended this from the very beginning and will continue to defend it. Because NATO only causes wars, bloodshed, and human suffering.

Down with NATO, down with imperialism!



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