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"On May Day, let us intensify the struggle to stop the war and reclaim the revolution"

May Day Communiqué of the Central Committee Secretariat of the Sudanese Communist Party

Archive photo of the General Conference of the Sudanese Communist Party on July 31, 2016

Central Committee Secretariat of the Sudanese Communist Party

-The broadest popular alliance to stop the war and reclaim the revolution.

-Cease arbitrary arrests and brutal torture of detainees.

-Improve living conditions, disburse workers’ salaries, and provide essential services.

As we commemorate May Day, International Workers' Day, the cursed war enters its second year, extending from Khartoum to Darfur, Kordofan, Khartoum, Gezira, and beyond, leading to the displacement of millions within and outside the country, and causing the death, injury, and disappearance of thousands. This war aims to suppress the revolution, compromise national sovereignty, empower parasitic capitalism within the warring factions to control the market, loot the country's wealth, and continue economic liberalization policies that have impoverished millions of our people.

Moreover, the war has worsened living, economic, and security conditions, increasing the suffering of workers and laborers due to the loss of thousands of jobs following the looting and destruction of factories, and infrastructure associated with the production of services and agriculture. It has led to continuous price hikes, the depreciation of the Sudanese pound, the disruption of the academic year, markets, and banks, the deterioration of healthcare services, the denial of safe humanitarian corridors to reach the affected, and a breakdown in security due to the Rapid Support Forces and the army plundering citizens' vehicles and homes and occupying them.

Additionally, there have been disruptions in electricity, water, communications, and internet services, as well as arrests of politicians and activists in resistance and services committees, exemplified by the attack on the Communist Party's headquarters and the removal of its sign in Singa, along with brutal torture of detainees held in Rapid Support Forces and army prisons, and restrictions on journalistic freedoms, as evidenced by the expulsion of correspondents from "Al-Hadath," "Sky News Arabia," and "Al-Arabiya" and the harassment of journalists through arrests and surveillance of their activities.

The war has exacerbated the suffering of citizens, who are now on the brink of famine due to food shortages, necessitating maximum efforts for the success of the upcoming agricultural season. The continuation of the war threatens to divide the country along ethnic and tribal lines, posing a risk of spillover into neighboring countries due to tribal overlap. Furthermore, there is a risk of regional and international interference aimed at exploiting the country's resources, which includes military presence along the Red Sea as part of the global competition for resources in Sudan and Africa, involving capitalist powers along with China and Russia.

On May Day, let us intensify the struggle to stop the war and reclaim the revolution. This entails improving living and working conditions, ensuring timely payment of salaries, strengthening and expanding trade union fronts against the war, and meeting citizens' essential needs in education, health, electricity, water, communications, and internet services. We must reopen schools and universities after a disrupted year, establish safe corridors for aid delivery to those in need, facilitate the return of the military to barracks and the disbandment of militias (including the Rapid Support Forces, tribal militias, and armed groups), establish a unified professional national army under civilian oversight, restore normal life, facilitate the return of displaced individuals to their homes, and hold war criminals and perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable.

Finally, on May Day, we call for broad participation and popular celebrations inside and outside the country to stop the war and reclaim the revolution in various possible forms (processions, memoranda, etc.), escalating the daily demands of the masses, rejecting reconciliation and partnership with the military and Rapid Support Forces, which only reproduce crisis and war, and continuing the revolution until its goals and the tasks of the transitional period are achieved.

Central Committee Secretariat

Sudanese Communist Party



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