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Pesto pepper steak with sour cream & pickled peperoncini

Today I want to take a look at one of my favourite ways to jazz up a New York Strip Loin or a Sirloin grilling steak. This recipe is meant for these cuts, or boneless Rib Eyes, but does not work as well for bone-in cuts.

First, take the steaks out, salt them to taste and then give them a nice coating of freshly ground black pepper. Drizzle a bit of extra-virgin olive oil over them, then let them sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Cook the steaks to rare or rare-medium/medium rare using either the cross-hatched grill pan or charcoal BBQed methods I have described before. The dish works great with either of these two cooking methods. For the steaks pictured I used the cross-hatched method.

When the steaks are done, let stand for a couple of minutes.

Then top the steaks first with a nice coating of green pesto sauce. Take a scoop of a thicker sour cream (14% or, if you are lucky enough to find it, 30%...this dish is a treat so don't use the 5% variety. It is just not the same) and place in the middle of the steak on top of the pesto. Finally, top this with pickled peperoncini pepper and serve. You can use different peppers but these I think work best here.

The mixture of these flavours is truly spectacular and it is a highly visually appealing dish at a dinner party! It all goes perfectly with a nice Mediterranean style salad, crusty bread and, of course, a hearty red wine.


(This recipe was first posted on The Left Chapter blog 5 years ago)



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