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Recipes from a Greek Island w. White Bean Soup, Red Mullet in Grape Leaves, Pork w. Quince & more

Vintage Cookbook: Recipes from a Greek Island, Susie Jacobs Publication Details: Simon & Schuster, 1991 The cookbook we are looking at today is like a love letter to Greece, Greek culture, the Greek islands and, of course, to Greek food. Written by Susie Jacobs, who moved to a Greek island and had been there for 15 years when she put the book together, it has over 100 recipes that reflect the cuisine and its ingredients and techniques that she loved so much. There are also many breathtaking photographs of the truly stunning natural beauty of the setting. The book begins by looking at various seasonings and staples, then move to general sections like soups, fish and mains. There are tips all along the way and many of the recipes are accompanied by colour photographs of the dishes. One of those cookbooks that truly transports you to a place that it would be wonderful to visit...and perhaps even stay at for awhile.

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