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Republics of the USSR - 16 postcard images

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the world's first workers' state, was comprised of 15 separate socialist republics until the counterrevolutions of 1989-1991.

This packet of postcards shows four views of the capital of each of the republics. It also has the republic's emblem. Moscow has two cards both as capital of the RSFSR and as capital of the USSR.

Here we present them in alphabetical order from Yerevan of Armenia to Tashkent of Uzbekistan.

We have also included the descriptions of the photos which go clockwise from the top left image.

Moscow State University, Monument to Lenin in the Kremlin, Red Square, CMEA Building.

Lenin Square, Monument to David of Sasun, City View, Lake Savan

Monument to Nizami, The Maiden's Tower, City View, Memorial to the 26 Baku Commissars

Victory Square, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Privokzalnaya Square, On the Svisloch River

Monument to Vilde, Views of Old Tallinn

Mother Georgia Monument, Monument to Shota Rustaveli, City View, Pitsunda

Monument to Abai Kunanbayev, Executive Committee of the City Soviet, The Palace of Congresses, Opera and Ballet Theatre

Academy of Sciences, Drama Theatre, Government House, Fields Outside the City

Monument to Jan Rainis, 2 Views of Dome Cathedral, The Riga Bay Shore

Gediminas Tower, Art Gallery, City Overlook, Trakai

Central Exhibition Hall, Intourist Hotel, Strugurash Motel, Central Telegraph Office

City View, Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, The Kremlin, Kalinin Prospekt

Monument to Rudaki, Firdausi Library, Aini Square, In the Park

N. Krupskaya Library, Monument to Makhtumkuli, Academy of Sciences, Marx Square

In Traditional Dress, Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Kalinin Square, The Dnieper

Monument to Alisher Navoi, Lenin Museum, The Palace of Arts, Opera and Ballet Theatre



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