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Revolutionary New Year art of the People's Republic of China, 1952

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party - Hou Yi-min & Teng Shu

At the beginning of 1952 this collection of art was published in the People's Republic of China to great the new year of the young revolutionary state. Its 7 bright, colourful pieces reflect the huge changes and transformations taking place across all aspects of Chinese society at the time. It was also during the ongoing Korean War where China aided the forces of North Korea in their resistance against US and western imperialism.

A Victory Celebration on the Korean Front - Ah Lee

A Successful Harvest - Chao Pan-pin

Chairman Mao's Representatives Visit the People of an Old Revolutionary Base - Li Chun

Learning from a Soviet Expert - Wu Teh-tsu

Model Workers and Peasants Enjoy a Day's Outing in Peihai Park, Beijing - Li Ko-jan

A New-Style Marriage Celebration - Yen Han

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