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Sofia, Bulgaria 1973 -- 19 Vintage Postcards and Images

Today we are taking a look at 19 images of some of the streets, buildings and sights of Sofia, People's Republic of Bulgaria, 1973. 18 of these vintage photographs were from a postcard folder that was aimed at Russian/Soviet visitors with the text in Russian while one is a card from the same era aimed at French tourists.

There are a large number of streetscapes -- of which we are very fond here on The Left Chapter -- as well as photos of new housing developments, monuments, and famous landmarks like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Among these is a photo of the Georgi Dimitrov Mausoleum which was constructed in honour of the famed Communist and anti-fascist leader after his death in 1949. Despite the opposition of two-thirds of the country's population the mausoleum was destroyed in 1999 by a right wing government.

The photos of the Vitosha Mountain cable car and outlook are spectacular.

The post begins and ends with views of National Assembly Square, one during the day and one at night with the cathedral lit in the background.

National Assembly Square

Monument to the Soviet Army

Residential Buildings on V I Lenin Ave.

Aleksandar Stamboliyski Street

( Stamboliyski was Prime Minister of Bulgaria from 1919 to 1923 when

he was murdered after a right wing coup.)

Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Vitosha Mountain Cable Car

Outlook with a View of the City from Vitosha Mountain

The 4th Century Church of St. George

(The oldest building in the city)

Hotel Rila

New Residential Area

Georgi Dimitrov Mausoleum



V. I. Lenin Square

Fountain in the City Center


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

National Assembly Square at Night

This was originally posted on The Left Chapter blog, May 30, 2019



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