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Solidarity with Dominion workers now on strike in NFLD!

"Our Dominion members do not take this decision lightly. They would much rather be serving their communities but as frontline workers they felt they could not accept the contract put forth by the company," said Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

The workers, who have been without a contract since October 2019, voted to overwhelmingly reject the contract offer from Dominion's parent company Loblaw Companies Limited.

“There were gains in some areas but in the end the monetary offer fell short, last month Dominion clawed back two dollars an hour pandemic pay from their workers then offered just half of that back over the entire life of the three-year contract,” said Dias.

In 2019, Dominion eliminated more than 60 full-time positions at Newfoundland stores. Currently more than 80 % of the workers are part-time, with low pay and limited access to benefits, and have not received a pay raise since the spring of 2018.

"These are the very workers who supported us all during this pandemic and I hope that the public will support them now," said Unifor Local 597 President Carolyn Wrice." - Dominion workers on strike in Newfoundland

Remember that "Loblaw announced $162 million in second quarter net profits, bringing total 2020 profits to nearly half a billion dollars and likely on pace to break the $1 billion profit mark by year's end." - NFLD Dominion workers vote to strike as Loblaw tries to downplay profit numbers



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