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South African Communist Party statement condemns NATO and US imperialism

The South African Communist Party has released (July 13) a strong statement voicing their steadfast opposition to the militarist agenda of NATO and US imperialism:

The South African Communist Party (SACP) vehemently condemns the warmongering propaganda propagated by NATO and United States President Joe Biden following the recent NATO heads of state and governments meeting held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 11 July 2023. Such actions pose a grave threat to global peace, justice, and the elimination of the uneven development caused by the exploitative capitalist system, said the SACP General Secretary Solly Mapaila.

In response, the SACP will intensify its efforts to build and fortify the world peace movement against these unabashedly bloodthirsty former colonial powers and active imperialist forces, declared Mapaila.

We shall utilise the forthcoming BRICS political parties meeting in South Africa as a rallying point to garner global support against the insidious imperialist forces. Their nefarious agenda seeks to perpetually expand their military apparatus, fuel aggression to further their expansionist ambitions, and employ militarism as a means to maintain their hegemony. These imperialist forces aim to tighten their stranglehold and seize complete control of the world’s resources, global value chains, and related markets, subjecting every citizen on this planet to their exploitative domination.

While feigning support for a multilateral framework, Joe Biden, the global warmonger, and the US-dominated NATO have displayed nothing but disdain for true multilateralism. Not only have they been blocking the transformation of the United Nations Security Council, among others, depriving Africa of permanent representation on the body, but they brazenly undermine vital institutions like the United Nations itself and hinder the establishment of a just and peaceful world order.

The imperialists arrogantly behave as if they were the de facto world government, despite having no democratic mandate whatsoever, said Mapaila. This attitude exemplifies their dictatorial approach in their relations with states and peoples worldwide, who they want to subordinate or entrench their domination upon, as they seek to entrench their military, economic, and political supremacism, perpetuating exploitation.

They claim that instability in Africa poses a threat to their security, while they have actively fomented destabilisation in Africa through a range of imperialist and neo-colonial machinations. We will never not forget that Joe Biden served as the US vice president during the 2011 US-NATO bombardment of Libya, which resulted in the tragic murder of President Muammar Gaddafi, countless innocent lives lost, and countless others injured.

NATO’s aggression not only unleashed more instability but also anarchy and not only in Libya but throughout the region, even leading to the abhorrent practice of Africans being traded or treated as slaves. The NATO instigators bear significant responsibility for the pervasive instability plaguing not only Africa but also the Middle East and other parts of the world.

In 2019, the United States unilaterally recognised Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli sovereign territory, thereby legitimising the foreign occupation of Syria and undermining the authority of the United Nations. Similarly, the United States supported the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel, thereby justifying the ongoing oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people. In both cases, the actions of not only Israel but also the United States violated Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and undermined world peace efforts.

The United States and its NATO allies, particularly the core former colonial powers that occupied, controlled, and exploited countries of the Global South, have no moral authority whatsoever to lecture us on democracy and national self-determination. As the people of the Global South, we have had to forge national liberation movements and engage in protracted struggles against colonial domination and exploitation perpetuated by these imperialist forces to establish democracy and secure our right to self-determination.

It is the NATO imperialist states, through their military expansionism and regime change agendas, including the 2014 coup, that have ultimately turned Ukraine into an active battlefield for their war against Russia. The South African Communist Party wants to take this opportunity to reiterate its call – the conflict in Ukraine must be resolved by peaceful diplomatic means.

The principal problem is that having established ultimate control of Ukraine, including through NATO’s Ukraine council, which is now Ukraine’s de facto decision-making body, it is principally NATO that is blocking a peaceful diplomatic resolution of the conflict. NATO, which provoked the conflict, is actively expanding ways to deepen and sustain the war, while blaming the conflict entirely on Russia. As it does this, it is using a wide range of measures, including economic and trade policies (for example, the US’s AGOA) to coerce governments in different global regions to abandon neutrality and replace it with support for and subordination to NATO.

NATO’s statements and actions also isolate China, making it clear that China is a target of their hostility. Through the United States, the imperialist forces interfere in China’s sovereign affairs and are actively provoking a war in the Taiwan Strait.

The west wants to block further Chinese economic advances, including advanced technologies that have become essential, such as advanced semiconductors and microchips or integrated circuits that are capable of performing more sophisticated operations. China has overtaken many to become the world’s second largest economy. Its technological advances include critical space technologies and exploration.

The essence of NATO’s statements and actions unmistakably reveals that war does not commence when explosives detonate. In essence, the imperialists are actively propelling global war in its nascent stages. The world peace movement must decisively act to halt this catastrophic trajectory before it escalates into a full-blown catastrophe.

The South African Communist Party unequivocally calls for an immediate end to all imperialist wars across the world.



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