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Starbucks union wave surges past 80 wins

Starbucks workers celebrate a win in Colorado, May 19 -- image via Twitter

The Starbucks union wave in the United States shows no signs of slowing down and has now seen successful votes by workers in at least 80 stores.

The remarkable milestone -- especially given that not a single Starbucks had unionized before last December -- was reached with wins for the union at five locations in Massachusetts, Colorado and Virginia on May 19.

The victory in Newport News, Virginia was the ninth victory to date in the state.

There were three in Colorado and the win in Massachusetts is the seventh in the state.

Earlier in the week on May 17, four Portland, Oregon Starbucks stores voted to unionize.

The union campaign has had a remarkable win/loss rate of around 90% so far.

Workers looking to organize their location in the US can contact Starbucks Workers United at: Starbucks Workers United (

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