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State of the Union, 1971

Historical and contemporary stats about unions in Canada in 1971.

Labour Day Parade, Toronto, 1967

Published by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1971, these tables and statistics were part of a booklet called Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining in Canada that was meant for distribution to secondary schools or community colleges in Ontario. The statistics themselves were drawn from Canadian government publications.

There is a lot that that should be of interest here to those studying union history in the country.

Among the the tables/statistics included are Growth of the Labour Movement 1921 - 71, details about the contracts signed in Ontario in 1971, the Size of Unions 1971, a list of Unions With Over 50,000 members in 1971, Distribution of Union Membership by Province and Industry 1969, and Work Stoppages for various years 1946-71. There are stats such as the number of women as a percentage of trade union members at the time, which was 21%.


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