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The Four Days of Naples -- Rising Against Fascism, September 27, 1943

The Four Days of Naples -- Rising Against Fascism, September 27, 1943

On September 27, 1943 the people of Naples rose up against the Nazi occupiers and fought them in street battles for four days preventing the Germans from consolidating defensive positions to fight off the Allied advance.

After the Armistice of Cassibile Italy had left the war, though the Nazis and their remaining Italian fascist allies then seized the bulk of Italy and cities such as Naples.

To enforce this new occupation they used extreme brutality including mass executions and indiscriminate reprisals for any resistance.

In Naples it boiled over to the point that ordinary people from all walks of life took to the streets and drove the Nazis back after pitched battles.

Hundreds of women, children and men sacrificed their lives so that on October 1, 1943, the Allied forces could enter the city with the Nazis having already withdrawn.

This singular triumph of people power led to the entire city being awarded the Italian Gold Medal of Military Valour.

The heroic actions were depicted in the 1962 film The Four Days of Naples.

Notable for its realistic style and stark depictions of events it won the Grand Prize at the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival as well as being nominated for two Academy Awards including Best Screenplay.

Image is from the movie The Four Days of Naples.



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