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The Harrowsmith Cookbook w. Beef Curry Roti, Sesame Yogurt Chicken, Dilled Tomato Soup & more

Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: The Harrowsmith Cookbook Volume Two

Publication Details: Camden House Publishing, 1983

The Harrowsmith Cookbook, either Volume One or Two (there is also a third volume, though I have never seen it), is an excellent compilation and submission style collection of recipes sent in by readers of the Canadian country living magazine whose heyday was in the 70s and 80s.

It is well worth seeking out as it is largely no nonsense with over 300 pages filled with recipes of all types.

Some of these are dated, though not necessarily "bad", with lots of quiches, casseroles and combinations like almonds and seafood. Many are classics. And the cookbook also had takes on dishes that were not that common to see in 80s Canadian cookbooks, like the recipe for Beef Curry Roti.

There were some photographs and here we have paired a few of them with their recipes as well as with other recipes on the same page.

Vegetable and Cheese Pie

Indonesian Rice Salad

Dilled Tomato Soup

Chicken Pinwheels

Pavlova and Yogurt Chantilly

Baked Trout with Almond Cream

Beef Curry Roti

Sesame Yogurt Chicken



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