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The "light of Marxism permits us to understand human history"

Karl Marx among the Parisian workers, Rostislav Nikolayevich Galitsky (1920-1979), USSR

It is because the light of Marxism permits us to understand human history and to grasp the succession of facts and the succession of struggles which, since the most distant ages, have made society what it is, and it is because we are conscious of continuing the civilizing work of the past, that we proclaim ourselves the guardians of the cultural heritage accumulated throughout the bygone centuries -- Jacques Duclos, Communism, Science and Culture, International Publishers, 1939

Duclos (1896-1975) was a leader of the French Communist Party and in 1969 was the Party's presidential candidate getting 21.27% of the vote, the best showing for a Communist candidate in a French presidential election ever.


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