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"The people of Sudan will win! The coup will fail!"

Tens of thousands rally in opposition to the coup in Sudan -- photo via Twitter

In the wake of the military coup in Sudan Communists around the world are rallying in support of their Sudanese comrades.

As hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in resistance, People's World reports "Sudanese security forces shot dead at least seven people and injured 140" who were protesting.

Peoples Dispatch reports that as "strikes, street occupations and barricading of neighborhoods against the military coup continued across Sudan, deposed prime minister Abdalla Hamdok was permitted by the army to return to his residence on Tuesday, October 26."

According to People's World:

The Sudanese Communist Party, which played a leading role in the mass movement that ousted President Omar al-Bashir in 2019, called on the people to stand firm.
“The revolution is a people’s revolution,” the party said. “This coup is completely rejected by the Sudanese masses.”

The Communist Party of Greece and 36 other Communist and workers' parties (so far) released the following statement in support:

The Communist and Workers’ Parties signing this Joint Statement condemn the military coup that took place over the last hours in Sudan.
We salute the persistent struggle of the Sudanese people for freedom and social progress, against their exploiters and the interference of the imperialists seeking to exploit the natural resources of Sudan and use it in their strategy to dominate the region.
We express our full solidarity with the communists and the people of Sudan, who since December 2018 have started a heroic struggle to liberate their country from dictatorship and tyranny. Today they organize and participate in mass mobilizations against the attempts to overturn the results of the 2018 popular uprising and are currently fighting for the restoration of their political and trade union rights and freedoms.
The people of Sudan will win!
The coup will fail!


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