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"The pro-imperialist purposes of this report are exposed": PCV

Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) condemns the report presented by the Independent International Mission of the United Nations Organization (UN) for "serious methodological weaknesses that make it unreliable".

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) condemns the new attempt at political and diplomatic aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the context of the visit of the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to Guyana and other countries in the region and the announcement joint exercises between the Southern Command and the Colombian army in the coming days.
We consider that the report presented by the Independent International Mission of the United Nations Organization (UN) has serious methodological weaknesses that make it unreliable since it was not prepared in situ and, according to the authors themselves, much of the research was based on in information published on social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) as well as alleged confidential interviews.
The political intentionality of the document is evident when it seeks to directly hold the Head of State of the Government of Venezuela and senior military officials of the FANB responsible for concrete facts of human rights violations in Venezuela, with the clear purpose of feeding an international file that facilitates the already known plan of the US government and the Venezuelan fascist right to promote an intervention through the action of a foreign force and thus force a violent change of government using the traditional pretext of the struggle in defense of human rights.
From the PCV we have demonstrated in our daily struggle that we do not make concessions or remain silent when it comes to human rights and democratic freedoms of the working people of the city and the countryside. In this sense, we have always publicly denounced any type of violation of the fundamental rights of workers, as well as we have firmly accompanied the complaints that come to us from the popular sectors about the abuses of authority and criminal excesses of some security agencies in the operations that they carry out in the neighborhoods. Regarding these complaints, we continue to demand from the Prosecutor's Office the due investigation and punishment of those responsible for the excesses committed against working families.
We believe that there should be no impunity for human rights violations, but we reject the political and hypocritical use of the UN Commission on Human Rights to justify the criminal interventionist actions of US imperialism and its internal allies.
The pro-imperialist purposes of this report are exposed given its blatant silence in the face of the brutal effects on human rights of the imposition of unilateral and extraterritorial coercive sanctions by the US and the European Union against the Venezuelan people. Far from denouncing it, its function is to point in the opposite direction, that is, under the guise of the defense of human rights, from this UN instance, instruments are constructed aimed at justifying the savage and criminal imperialist sanctions that the people of Venezuela suffer directly.
In this sense, what the aforementioned document really points to is the application of the same script followed against Libya, Iraq, and Syria, which served as the basis for foreign military intervention based on non-verifiable assumptions.
Once again we turn to the peoples of the world and the progressive and anti-imperialist political forces to be alert to this type of attack that cannot be interpreted as isolated events, but rather corresponds to the general strategy of the US government aimed at justifying their actions. criminal sanctions, further increase the blockade and pressure against the Venezuelan people and advance their warmongering plans in the region.


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