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The Summit of Socialist Democracy to be held Dec. 11 to counter imperialist narratives

The Summit of Socialist Democracy organized jointly by Friends of Socialist China and the International Manifesto Group, and co-sponsored by the Morning Star newspaper, the International Action Center, Nodutdol and Qiao Collective is being held online on December 11.

The impressive array of speakers include Danny Haiphong, Isabel Monal Rodríguez, Roland Boer, Luna Oi and others.

According to the summit's Eventbrite page:

On December 9-10, Biden is hosting a ‘Summit  for Democracy’, “bring together leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector to set forth an affirmative agenda for democratic renewal” and to “defend against authoritarianism”. The geopolitical theme of this is, of course, to close ranks in the capitalist world against China, Russia, Cuba, DPRK, Venezuela and other countries. The ideological theme is to reaffirm the superiority of capitalism and so-called liberal democracy.
Our event will challenge the dominant narratives around democracy, will highlight the democratic systems prevailing in socialist societies, will discuss the plutocratic nature of neoliberal capitalism, and will expose how the concept of democracy is leveraged in support of a deeply undemocratic and violent imperialism.

This comes at an important moment when the ruling elites in the United States and the west, as well as those governments in their orbit, are increasingly fomenting a new Cold War against China and Russia. This has been accompanied by a kind of global western propaganda gaslighting where the obviously aggressive actions of NATO and the US are framed as "defensive", while the defensive actions of other countries are portrayed as aggressive.

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