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The Zaporozhets ZAZ "Little King of the Big Road"

1967 Soviet advertisement for the Zaporozhets ZAZ aimed at the Canadian market. The ZAZ was the export model of this sturdy car built in the Ukrainian SSR. The ZAZ had an air-cooled rear engine and was especially noted for its exceptional handling on rough roads. It was very durable and very easy to fix, which given the non-consumerist economic model of the Soviet Union was indicative of the USSR's vehicle design generally from tanks to trucks.

Given that the ad was meant for Canadians, the "Has no peer for hard winter conditions" was a tagline drivers in Siberia and Saskatchewan could both get behind.

Over 3,000,000 of the various Zaporozhets models were manufactured before the collapse of the USSR. The car ended production entirely in 1994.

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