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"This pandemic has proved before the eyes of the whole world the criminal nature of imperialism"

"This pandemic has proved before the eyes of the whole world the criminal nature of imperialism. While thousands of men and women were suffering its consequences, the imperialists were using the most despicable methods to crush the will of those peoples that do not submit to their designs.

Against the shabby and petty behavior of the United States and the European Union, which tried to use the needs caused by Coronavirus to advance the interests of their monopolies, Cuba raised again the banner of internationalism by showing to the peoples of the world the high ethical values that have inspired the Cuban Revolution and marked the historical process of construction of socialism. Nowadays, nobody questions the significant contribution of Cuba in containing Coronavirus any more, not only in the countries with fewer resources but also in the heart of Europe. The world has witnessed the parade of Cuban medical brigades that lent their services in 38 countries, where they represented with the utmost dignity the internationalist tradition of their people.

Cuba has shown how a small, economically and commercially blocked and sieged country is able to assure the health of its people against the pandemic and the shortage of technical means caused by the escalation of the blockade imposed by the United States. In spite of the economic significance of tourism for the country, the Covid-19 incidence in Cuba has been quite lower to its surroundings and the rest of European countries. The closure of borders soon declared by the revolutionary Government by placing the health of its people before any other criterion, the discipline of the Cuban people, the organizational labor of the Communist Party of Cuba and the mass organizations, and the strength of a health system that is an outcome of a universal educational system addressed to raise the material and spiritual quality of life of the people are the keys for the success of the Cuban Revolution in its battle against Coronavirus." - from the statement of the CP of the Workers of Spain, SOLIDARITY WITH CUBA ON JULY 26, DAY OF NATIONAL REBELLION



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