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To the Soviet Union By Car in the 1960s

A guide for visitors to the USSR

This illustrated Intourist (the official tourist agency during the Soviet era) guide sought to encourage foreign tourists to visit the Soviet Union by car and to follow one of several different routes that encompassed cities, campsites and countryside.

While it is not dated the text indicates that it was from the mid-1960s, likely 1965 or 1966.

Tourists could chose to come in their own vehicles or they could hire cars, cars with drivers or even buses. Using one of several different entry points they could then take trips like Vyborg-Leningrad-Moscow (947 km.), Brest-Minsk-Smolensk-Moscow (1054 km.), or the rather ambitious Kharkov-Rostov On Don-Krasnodar-Sochi-Sukhumi-Tbilisi-Ordzhonikidze-Pyatigorsk journey which was 2712 km.

There are many vintage photos, maps, highlights from various locations, snippets of history and other tidbits that make this a really fascinating look at a time and place in Soviet history. There are also a number really neat references to various models of cars, to different attractions and to places to stay and visit.

(Please note that, while this is an original post, over the coming days we will be transferring over many of our past Soviet / Vintage photography and cultural posts from the old blog)



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