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War Monuments and Sights of Soviet Kiev 1975 -- 16 Vintage Photographs

As we noted in a previous post, November 6 is the anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from the Nazis by the Red Army in 1943. It was liberated on the eve of the 26th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

The city had been devastated in the fighting and during the fascist occupation.

This postcard folder of 16 images published in 1975 shows not only how Kiev had been rebuilt and the progress that was being made in the city but also has many monuments to the heroes of the Red Army and the triumph over fascism such as the Monument to the Soviet Tankers and the Monument on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

Many of these, tragically, have since been torn down or destroyed after the counter-revolution of 1989-1991 and the far right coup of 2014.

State University

Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR

Monument on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier

Palace of Ukrainian Culture

Exhibition of Excellence in the National Economy

Monument to the January Uprising, 1918

In the January Uprising the workers of Kiev revolted in support of Soviet power.

Monument to the Soviet Tankers

Victory Square Hotel

Monument to the Liberation of the City from the Fascist Invaders


Lenin Monument

New Hotel and Housing Estate Buildings

Shevchenko Monument

Monument to the Soviet Prisoners of War Executed by the Nazis

Monument to Nikolai Vatutin, Red Army Liberator of Kiev

Vatutin was murdered in 1944 by Nazi collaborators in an ambush.

Memorial Complex to the Victims of Fascism


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