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We "need to build a better socialist future" - Dr Fred M’membe

We have to build a better future, a more just, fair and humane society. A more secure economy that works for the poor, for everyone. And a more prosperous and outward looking country full of justice, equity and peace. That’s why these elections are so important. Because they’re about how Zambia recovers, changes and is run. There’s a simple choice ahead of us: to change; or to go back to more of the same injustice, unfairness, inequality and tensions...
These elections are a chance to say that after three decades of neoliberal capitalist destruction, we need to build a better socialist future anchored on justice, equity and peace. To rebuild the foundations of our economy through prioritising education, health and peasant agriculture.
To tackle the injustice, inequality and unfairness that’s holding so many people back. - Dr Fred M’membe, Socialist Party of Zambia candidate for President, May 16, 2021

With less than 90 days to go until the August 12 elections Dr. Fred M'membe officially filed his nomination papers today.



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