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Weekend of Resistance: Red Daily Newswire June 8

News from Black Lives Matter protests around the world as well as from Bolivia, Canada and elsewhere.

International left news from the weekend of June 6 / 7.

International Black Lives Matter Protests:

Huge rallies around the world June 6 in support of Black Lives Matter.

Rallies in (clockwise) Hamburg, Vancouver, Sydney, Berlin.

The rally in Sydney, Australia drew 50,000 people. There were also massive rallies in London and Paris:

Massive Black Lives Matter rally June 6 in Philadelphia. Tens of thousands marched across the city in a mobilization organized in part by the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Demands include defunding and demilitarization of city police and the resignation of the Police Commissioner :

More inspiring photos from the massive Black Lives Matter marches across the US this weekend.

Clockwise are marches in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington and Milwaukee:






Israel / Plaestine:

United States:

For international left news as the day unfolds see the Red Daily page on Facebook.



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