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Workers Party of Ireland condemns the attempts of the far-right and fake “left” to embolden anti-migrant feeling in Ireland

Excellent and important internationalist statement from Comrades in the Workers Party of Ireland:

The Workers Party of Ireland reiterates its complete opposition to far-right attempts to whip up hysteria surrounding migration into Ireland, and condemns the ongoing arson campaign by racists, and calls on the Gardaí to make finding those responsible and stopping this campaign a priority.

A dangerous development has been taking place in the Republic, whereby those motivated by far-right conspiracy theories and so-called culture war talking points about refugees, migrants, housing, public services, trans rights, education, crime and other issues have proven able to gain a foothold and mobilise a worrying level of support.

Giving ground to racism is not the way to address it. Right-wing politicians in Ireland and elsewhere easily play to the racist gallery, seeking to co-opt them to bolster their own support. We see the consequences around us. We have also seen elsewhere the consequences of those historically or ostensibly on the left beginning to speak about "legitimate concerns" and other such coded language. The far right is emboldened, they succeed in shifting mainstream political discourse in their favour, and support for socialism is weakened. We are witnessing the early beginnings of this process in Ireland.

It is a fantasy to imagine that by co-opting far-right talking points, those who support them can be won to the left. What actually happens, and what we can see happening around us, is that in the pursuit of this illusionary goal, the poison of reactionary nationalism spreads into the workers’ movement and among socialists to their cost. Division is spread among the working class, class consciousness is weakened, and far-right forces are presented with an opportunity to grow.

The victims of wars, imperialist interventions and reactionary regimes have the right to seek a safer life. The problems of homelessness, unaffordable rents and homes, public services in crisis and poverty are not the fault of migrants. They are the inevitable consequence of the capitalist system. The solution can only be found in a struggle to overthrow the system that creates wars, poverty and refugees. Socialists cannot allow themselves to be diverted from these facts.

Socialism is based upon a simple principle - workers of the world, unite. Failing to uphold this basic principle is a flight from socialism, a betrayal of it. The politics of the Workers Party of Ireland were built upon the principles of internationalism, opposing the damaging consequences of nationalism and capitalism for workers' lives and material interests, and our politics have always foregrounded the unity of all workers.

The Workers Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with migrant workers, their families and refugees. We continue to do so, uncompromisingly and wholeheartedly.

Councillor Ted Tynan, President

On behalf of the Central Executive Committee

Workers Party of Ireland



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