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A Basketful of Apple Recipes -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Apple Pizza, Apple Strudel, Crispy Apples, Waldorf Apple Salad & more

Cookbook: A Basketful of Apple Recipes, Juliette Huot

Publishing Details: Focus Books, 1973 (There was a previous edition in French).

If you are a fan of apples this Canadian cookbook from 1973 will be your dream come true.

A Basketful of Apple Recipes by Juliette Huot has around 100 different types of recipes using apples, apple cider, apple juice or apple sauce. These range from the obvious, like various apple pies or pork and apple dishes, to the less obvious like a soup she calls Canadian-Style Gazpacho to a Peanut Butter Cake that uses apple sauce.

In addition to those two recipes we are featuring eight others such as Goose with Apples, Green Tomato Relish and Apple Pizza because how could we not.

And, of course, we have an apple pie recipe, the very easy Canadian Apple Pie.



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