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A Spicy Touch -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Moong Bean Soup, Mango Pickle, Coriander Chutney, Okra Curry, Stuffed Eggplants and more.

Vintage Cookbook: A Spicy Touch, Noorbanu Nimji

Publication Details: A Spicy Touch Publishing, 1986

This terrific Indian cookbook was published in Canada in the mid-1980s and, unlike many Indian recipes included in general North American cookbooks at the time, is a serious look at one of the world's great cuisines.

It covers a lot of ground with soups, chutneys, vegetarian and chicken or meat mains and curries, sweets and desserts and, my favourite, types of Indian pickle.

With its ring binding it has a few pages of photos of a number of recipes all in the one shot.

Here we look at dishes from all the different sections.

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