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Alberta UCP founding chairman's tweet causes backlash

Ed Ammar's shocking tweet in response to federal minister Ahmed Hussen Sunday caused enough backlash that Ammar briefly deleted his account.

On Sunday a founding chairman of Alberta's governing United Conservative Party, Ed Ammar, tweeted a shocking response to a Saturday tweet from Canada's Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Ahmed Hussen.

Hussen had tweeted:

To which Ammar apparently thought it wise to reply:

Ammar's tweet drew a swift, predictable and intense backlash that led him to delete the tweet and, for a time, his Twitter account.

Ammar returned to Twitter today, however, to issue his version of an "apology":

This, of course, uses many of the classic "non-apology apology" lines such as regretting how his tweet was "perceived", attempting to justify the original tweet, etc. Ammar does not even apologize to Hussen.

So far, other Twitter users seem mostly unconvinced. Among the many responses:



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