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An alternative to Sunak and Starmer - an alternative to capitalism: Communists finalize candidate slate in Britain

Image via the CPB

Calling themselves an "alternative to Sunak and Starmer and "an alternative to capitalism", the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) has finalized its list of candidates in the upcoming elections in the UK.

They will be running 14 candidates, the highest number in 40 years. The Party’s General Secretary Robert Griffiths said "our battle-cry will be “Tories out – unite for workers’ rights, public ownership and peace!”

Working people face a deep crisis with stagnant wages, declining living standards, spiralling poverty and crumbling public services. Meanwhile, profits rise and the rich get richer. Our democratic rights and civil liberties are under attack.
Globally, war is spreading. Israel’s genocide against Palestinians and the war in Ukraine continue. Britain’s ruling class profits from these conflicts and is gearing up for a new Cold War against China.

As a result the party "is fielding candidates across Britain to build a mass movement against austerity and war and to promote socialism. We will bring popular, socialist, revolutionary and anti-imperialist politics to working and young people in the weeks ahead."

The 14 candidates are:

  1. Drew Gilchrist, Coatbridge and Bellshill

  2. Richard Shillcock, Edinburgh North and Leith

  3. Gary Steele, Glasgow North East

  4. Rochelle Russell, Taunton and Wellington

  5. Ann Green, Leicester South

  6. Dan Ross, Bury South

  7. Nicholas Davies, Hastings and Rye

  8. Darren Turner, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket

  9. Lorraine Douglas, South West Norfolk

  10. Freddie Sofar, Ipswich

  11. Oliver Snelling, Lewisham North

  12. Emma-Jane Phillips, Newcastle East and Wallsend

  13. Robert Griffiths, Blaenau Gwent

  14. Bob Davenport, Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare

They are running on a 12 point platform that you can read here: 2024manifesto.pdf (


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