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Breonna Taylor warrant: Red Daily newswire July 6

With news from the Black Lives Matter movement, the US, Canada and elsewhere.

International left news from the weekend of July 4 / 5.

Black Lives Matter:

Breonna Taylor warrant connected to Louisville gentrification plan, lawyers say

Volunteers, artists paint mural for Breonna Taylor in Annapolis

Protester killed on Seattle freeway was dedicated to cause

Activists in the U.S. claim partial victory in long battle to reform, defund police departments

Massachusetts Detective Is Fired Over Black Lives Matter Post

Elijah McClain: US officers fired for pictures mocking man's death

Protesters Attacked by Police Are Suing to Vindicate Their Constitutional Rights

Predominantly Black armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park in Georgia

Protesters burn American flag outside White House after Trump's July Fourth address

Black high school baseball player says fans yelled 'You should have been George Floyd' and 'Get back to the fields'

Police smash car window of man on way home from TV interview about police racism

Montreal’s West Island communities rally against racism, police brutality

Toronto council looks the other way on anti-Black racism

Protesters camping in Nathan Phillips Square ordered to leave by Monday

Anti-Black racism can be seen in Toronto transit planning for Scarborough

Caribbean community members hold rally, demanding anti-racism education within police, schools, workplaces

Why blue lies matter: It is everyone’s business when police fail to tell the truth

Kaepernick on July Fourth: 'We reject your celebration of white supremacy'

Angela Davis on Abolition, Calls to Defund Police, Toppled Racist Statues & Voting in 2020 Election

Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History

Christopher Columbus statue near Little Italy brought down, tossed into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor


'We're not heroes anymore:' Maple Leaf Foods workers upset to see pandemic pay end

Protesters gather at minister's office, demand more rights for migrant workers

‘Stop the bull—t’: Timeline unclear as FSIN renews call for child welfare reform funding

Thompson man says he was racially profiled at Walmart, told he looked 'like the type of person who drinks'

Ontario’s fiscal policies have wrecked long-term care

Protest planned to demand police action after attack in east Toronto

Jason Kenney’s Anti-Alberta Inquiry Never Bothered To Talk To All Those ‘Anti-Alberta’ Environmental Groups

Crime And Fraud At WE Charity In Kenya


China warns US against ‘deeply provocative’ deployment of warships to South China Sea


Italy: Covid-19 Pandemic Kills Poorest People The Most

United States:

Donald Trump rushed to reopen America – now Covid is closing in on him

Treaty defenders block road leading to Mount Rushmore

House Democrats, Working With Liz Cheney, Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan and Germany

PSL gains ballot status in New Mexico

The U.S. is Set to Execute a Man with Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's. He Won't Even Know Why

In ‘Russian Bounty’ Story, Evidence-Free Claims From Nameless Spies Became Fact Overnight

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