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Chinese Cookery Book -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Velvet Mushrooms, Smoked Pomfret Garnished with Salad, Sweet and Sour Pork, Eight Treasures Rice Pudding and more.

The Chinese Cookery Book is a look at 60 different Chinese recipes involving all different types of ingredients. The recipes range from appetizers to mains and desserts and while some are quite simple others are very detailed and complex.

The book was published in Hong Kong and though it was not dated it appears to be from the 1970s. It has text in both English and Chinese. It does have short sections on ingredients and techniques like rice preparation, but the overwhelming bulk of it is taken up by the recipes themselves which are numbered for reference.

There are a few black and white illustrations as well as a couple of colour photographs and here we have included the recipes that are in the colour photographs and a few others that came along in the scans.

There are recipes like Sweet & Sour Fish, Pigeon's Eggs Floating on Soup, Fried Chicken with Green Pepper and Toffee Apples. I have also included the real interesting looking Peking Style Fire Kettle.


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