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Communist parties in Uruguay, Canada and the Dominican Republic denounce US imperialist attacks on Cuba

Updated: Mar 22

Communist parties in Uruguay, Canada and the Dominican Republic have all issued statements in solidarity with Cuba and denouncing US attempts to destabilize the country.

This comes after after minor protests occurring there in the context of an unrelenting, suffocating and illegal US economic blockade opposed by virtually every other country in the world.

The Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) denounces and condemns the interventionist and destabilization operations of the #EEUU (US) government against Cuba and its people.

The U.S. policy of harassment of Cuba has been an historical constant, but in recent days provocations have intensified, seeking to use the economic and social difficulties that Cuba faces to destabilize that sister country and generate violence.

Cuba is experiencing a difficult economic and social situation, which is accepted and recognized by the government itself. This situation has multiple causes, but what cannot be disputed is that one of the fundamental ones is the impact of the economic and financial #bloqueo that the United States has maintained for more than 65 years against that brotherly people.

Suffice it to cite the example that just recently the U.S. Treasury sanctioned a Swiss bank for making transactions with Cuba.

The U.S. #imperialismo shows its brutal cynicism when, at the same time that it strengthens the blockade and shamefully includes Cuba on a list of countries sponsoring terrorism in order to further isolate it, it tries to present itself as a defender of the human rights of the people it is trying to drive to #hambre.

Cubans must solve Cuba's problems without interference, pressure or threats. If we want to contribute to that solution, we must end the criminal US blockade and sanctions.

Cuba must build its solutions in peace, and its sovereignty, its right to self-determination, which includes the choice of its social and political system, must be respected.

We express our solidarity with Cuba, with its people and with its revolution.

We call on political and social organizations, the entire Uruguayan people, to surround Cuba with solidarity. We commit, once again, to take concrete initiatives that will contribute to alleviating the current situation in our sister country.

U.S. imperialism insists on its efforts to destabilize Cuba and harm the revolution. In recent days, it has wanted to influence the Cuban people to foment protests against problems with the supply of some food and electricity that have occurred in an area of the east of the country.

Problems that the government and the Communist Party of Cuba have been facing in a timely and responsible manner in the midst of many difficulties created precisely by the economic and commercial blockade that imperialism itself has imposed for more than 60 years.

U.S. agents have been heard calling on the Cuban people through social media to protest on the boardwalk and in parks in Havana to demand freedom, and to carry out provocative acts against public order, and thus draw the attention of the media.

The Communist Party of Labor (PCT) of the Dominican Republic rejects this interference against Cuba, and once again we say:

Long live revolutionary Cuba!

No to the blockade against Cuba!

US hands out of Cuba!

Communist Party of Canada:

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) has also issued a statement which you can read here: ALBA-TCP denounces US destabilization attempts against Cuba (



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