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Communist parties of Mexico & Ecuador unite to condemn embassy attack

Screenshot of the assault on the embassy.

The Communist parties of Mexico and Ecuador have issued a joint statement denouncing the decision of the government of Ecuador to launch a full scale police assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito to illegally seize former Ecuadorian vice-president Jorge Glas.

On the assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador

The Communist Party of Mexico and the Communist Party of Ecuador speak out on the diplomatic crisis engulfing our two countries

Both parties agree that President Noboa's order to send police to break into the Mexican Embassy is unacceptable and in violation of diplomatic rules. We therefore condemn this decision by the Government of Ecuador.

The Communist Party of Mexico expresses its solidarity with the Communist Party of Ecuador (PCE), the working class, the peasants, the indigenous peoples, the youth and students who are facing the anti-worker and anti-popular measures of the Noboa government, as well as a growing wave of violence by organized crime, a phenomenon in which organized crime in Mexico is involved.

Both communist parties are openly against the rise of chauvinism and reactionary nationalism that seeks confrontation between the two peoples. This is the responsibility of the bourgeois states, which are separate from the interests of the workers and peoples of both countries who have much in common, who are united since the role played by Vicente Rocafuerte in our relations. We stress that this twinning is historic, and as an example there is the work of Rafael Ramos Pedrueza who, as Ambassador of Mexico to Ecuador, in his duties as a member of the Mexican Section of the Communist International, fulfilled the task of contributing to the organization of the working class of Ecuador and the foundations for the formation of the PCE.

The workers of Ecuador and Mexico have the same immediate and historical interest: to fight against exploitation, to overthrow capitalism and to build the new communist society, workers' power. We do not accept anything that leads to our division.

Long live the working class of Mexico Ecuador!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



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