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CP of Spain: The "workers of the world cannot ignore the suffering of Afghanistan"

"Twenty years of war and military occupation in Afghanistan end for the United States with a strategic disaster and a painful withdrawal that illustrates the US government's disregard for the lives of thousands of people."

Helicopter evacuates US embassy personnel, Kabul, August 16 -- image via twitter

Twenty years of war and military occupation in Afghanistan end for the United States with a strategic disaster and a painful withdrawal that illustrates the US government's disregard for the lives of thousands of people. The vision of columns of smoke rising from the US embassy because of the hurried burning of documents, the flights of helicopters to the Kabul airport to evacuate its officials and the cry of children, lost among the runways within the confusion of the chaotic evacuation, concluded with tragic scenes of US military forces shooting at the crowd trying to flee from the Taliban in the last planes. Those corpses on the road of the airport represent the last episode of the shame and infamy that the United States leaves in a badly wounded country.

The Afghan cities have fallen in the hands of the Taliban in a rapid sequence, with the final chapter of the shameful escape of the puppet government leaving behind modern weapons, helicopters and ammunition and abandoning its own officials. Although Biden announced an orderly withdrawal which was supposed to finish on 31 August, the US president has received a severe denial from his own officials at the embassy in Kabul destroying their archives in these frenzied days of uncertainty and fear. In this journey, the Pentagon leaves hundreds of thousands of deaths as well as millions of refugees showing to the world the barbarism of US imperialism.

Billions of dollars have served to feed corruption, crime, drugs, companies of mercenaries, US military forces, intermediaries, warlords, and death merchants. All these years of military occupation were dominated by blatant corruption, by disdain for life, by the obsessive ambition to maintain supremacy over Middle East and world hegemony. Such an effort has resulted in a new defeat which the United States cannot hide.

Although Department of State officials are now trying to tell the lie of a controlled evacuation to the international media in order to avoid the shame and discredit in front of the world, the facts show the truth and no one should forget the massacres occurred during twenty years of war and US occupation, the bombing on civilian populations, the murders carried out by drones controlled from Nebraska, the cynicism and the lies accumulated in the offices of the White House, the Pentagon and the US Department of State.

Those Taliban who are now photographed in the presidential palace in Kabul are the sons of the sinister mujahidin who used to meet with Reagan, they are the descendants of the mercenaries to whom the United States provided funds and modern weapons to destroy the best republic Afghanistan has ever had; the one that governed during the time of friendship with the USSR and that worked to develop the country defending the rights of women. Those Taliban are the heirs of the murderers to whom Washington called “freedom warriors” and in whom they promoted the jihadism that has slaughtered the country burying it in backwardness, fanaticism and the hatred of the mullahs.

The United States and its NATO allies are responsible for this death shroud. The Spanish governments that, willingly or yielding to North American extortion, sent troops to collaborate with the infamous imperialist enterprise are also accomplices of the pain and death committed. From George W. Bush, who started the occupation of Afghanistan with lies, to Biden, all last US presidents deserve to appear before an International Court of Justice to be accountable for the crimes committed.

Now that the US occupation and war ends and the country moves towards jihadist fascism, the workers of the world cannot ignore the suffering of Afghanistan. The Communist Party of Spain condemns the military interventions which serve only to strengthen reactionary nationalist positions, as it is being verified in Afghanistan with the return of the Taliban and considers that any foreign policy must be governed by the respect for Human Rights and the sovereignty of all states. Imperialism must be erased from History.

In this tragic hour, the Communist Party of Spain states its solidarity with the Afghan people who have suffered from decades of oppression and war and asks Pedro Sanchez government to open its gates to refugees in danger. The Communist Party of Spain wants to extend its solidarity to the Afghan women, to the country’s peasants and workers, to all those who struggled to fight the war machine of the United States and its allies and who also fought the terrifying reign of the Mujahedeen and later the sinister obscurantism of the Taliban.

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Richard Pathak
Richard Pathak
Aug 20, 2021

Truthful statement.

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