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Daily LIFT #395

Ho Chi Minh with his goddaughter and her mother Lucie Aubrac, France 1946 -- Daily LIFT #395

When Ho Chi Minh was in France to attend the Fontainebleau conference in 1946 he became good friends with former French Resistance leaders and fighters Raymond and Lucie Aubrac. They became so close he stayed at their house and agreed to be godfather to their first daughter Elisabeth Helfer Aubrac who he is holding in the photo.

Apparently for many years afterwards he often sent letters and gifts to his goddaughter on her birthdays and even during the war of liberation against France he would respond to letters and photos she sent to him when she was a small child.

Some years later he sent her a piece of silk to make a wedding dress from.

In 2016 she wrote of him: "“President Ho Chi Minh is great from simple things. Unlike the style of a leader, a politician, or a diplomat, President Ho Chi Minh was very close to all people such as workers or farmers. I remember him every day and have a feeling of close relations with my godfather's home country and people there. My father and I visited Vietnam several times. My husband and I are teachers. Luckily, we have opportunity to teach at the French-Vietnam Center on management in Hanoi twice a year”.

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