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Daily LIFT #681

Soviet citizens receive ballots for elections to the courts of the USSR, Moscow, March 1949 -- Daily LIFT #681

"Official figures recently made public concerning the national elections of judges of the People's Courts in the Soviet Union show that 39 per cent of the victorious candidates were women.

The same figures from the Soviet press also reveal that 47 per cent of the total number of elected judges were members of the Communist Party. The statistics, published in Moscow March 15, showed that about 99.9 per cent of the qualified voters participated in the national elections last month and that only 0.72 per cent of them voted against the slate of Party and non-party candidates.

Judges of the People's Courts sit with two elected People's Assessors and a majority vote of the three decides all questions. Verdicts of the courts are subject to appeal to higher courts." -- Soviet press release, March 1949


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