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Daily LIFT #933

Chairman Mao reviews the parade in Beijing on International Labour Day, standing beside him are two members of the Chinese Young Pioneers. May 1, 1950 -- Daily LIFT #933

From China Pictorial Magazine:

Beijing‘s greatest May Day was gladdened by fine weather. The city awoke at dawn to the sound of song and drumbeat as thousands marched towards the Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) Square where the parade was due to take place. The fluttering red flags against a cloudless sky, the colourful costumes of the paraders and the glazed golden tiles of the former imperial palace created a scene of rare beauty.

At ten o'clock Chairman Mao and other Government leaders appeared on the rostrum of the Tiananmen gate-tower, As the last roar of artiIIery salvoes and the notes of the National Anthem died away, a mass of red silk began to move across the square. Led by a team of honour carrying portraits of world famous people's leaders, two thousand waist-drum dancers advanced in the rhythmic steps of the drum-dance.

Behind the first massed drummers came jubilant thousands of youth, waving peace doves and flowers. Vast contingents of workers, peasants. students, religious groups, sportsmen, businessmen and citizens of Beijing followed, carrying the messages of their determination to build and defend China, and to unite with the peoples of the world to defend peace.

Visitors from all parts of China and all parts of the world filled the spectators rostrums. The British People's Delegation received a special greeting from the paraders with the cry of “Strengthen the friendship between the peoples of Britain and China“.

Five hours later the day was still cloudless as the last contingents of marchers, the government workers, carried their great silk banners out of the square.


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